Thimble Notes From Jan

I started sewing with my mother’s machine at age 4.  Barbie Doll clothes at first…, then I Got to high school won all of the clothing contests that my mother could find for me to enter.  I was a fashion design major at Iowa State University. Since then I have completed 2 Master’s degrees. The last one was a Master’s in Public Administration so that I could work at my non-profits at a level that actually helped them.


About 10 years ago a neighbor/friend called me to ask if I would be willing to learn silversmithing.  TJ Lane had just turned 80 years old and she said:  “I need help, you can learn this.” I was excited and started my training by doing her polishing and finishing. We had regular lessons, then I worked through her inventory with the new knowledge.  I grew to love it.


I had never used a thimble (much) until I started making them.  Then I suddenly understood why:  None of them ever fit, they were not comfortable or inviting to use.  I hope that I am changing that.


I have inspected thousands of thimble fingers over the 10 years, and I now know how/why to fit them properly.  I have several videos on my website that explain why silver is the best material for a thimble, how to figure out your fingertip shape, and how to measure for size.  BUT nothing beats trying them on.  You will know when you put it on… if it’s tight enough that you can talk and walk around your house and forget that you have it on.  If it’s warm and comfortable without making you sweat.  If you love how it looks enough that you would wear it out to dinner with your girlfriends…

That is what I want for you.


Let’s put the fear of hand sewing behind us and try on a few thimbles.  Mine are BOTH beautiful and functional.  Each different style fits a different kind of finger.


I can help you:

Learn how to adjust the fit yourself (if you want to) …


Learn how to find me at a Quilt & Sew Expo near your home (if you want/need my help).