Sterling Silver Thimble Collections

Sewing is a great way to create beautiful things for you and your family and friends. Jan Larson makes and sells solid sterling silver collectible thimbles that are a lovely addition to your thimble collection.


Protection isn’t the only goal with my sterling silver thimble collections, however. You can choose from dozens of beautiful designs that are durable, beautiful sewing tools that you can pass down through your family’s generations. If you want a thimble that’s both effective and artistic, Jan has it.


Buy Your Favorite Thimble

At Thimbles for You, I understand that everyone has different preferences and interests. That’s why I specialize in creating four different types of sterling silver thimbles:


  • Closed (traditional) thimbles: Enjoy the greatest protection for your finger with a completely closed thimble.
  • Open-nail (new style) thimbles: Take advantage of the space these thimbles provide with an opening for your fingernail.
  • Open-top (tailor) thimbles:  Enjoy full use of the tip of your finger while also getting protection on the sides
  • Yubinuki (Japanese band) thimbles: Try out a band of silver on your fingertip so you don’t hurt your finger.


In addition to the different types of thimbles I design and make, I also create many different designs for you to choose from. You can choose from intricate butterfly designs, detailed honeycomb and bee designs, acorn designs, and even swimming turtle designs. I have just completed an American Gothic open nail thimble just for your collection.


See all of my thimbles to choose which design is best for you.

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