Sterling Silver Thimble Cages

Hand Crafted by Jan Marie Larson

Jan Marie Larson creates handcrafted thimbles for you!  We all know the importance of a good thimble, but a thimble can be more than just protection for your finger.  Jan wants to keep your sterling silver thimble is safe, so she also creates thimble cages to carry them. Show off your Aunt’s or your Grandmother’s thimble in a beautiful thimble cage of sterling silver.

Why Do You Need a Thimble Cage?

You may not worry too much about standard thimbles getting lost, but the stakes are higher with high-quality, handcrafted thimbles. They need to be kept safe. Our thimble cages help you keep track of your thimbles by keeping them on your chatelaine.  Whether you simply want a place to store your thimbles or somewhere you can show them off when you go out; for easy access and safekeeping, you can find a solution with a thimble cage.

Jan’s thimbles, are high quality and they make excellent heirlooms to be passed on for generations. Since her thimbles and sewing tools come with a lifetime guarantee, you can feel confident that your thimble will be cherished for years. However, Jan can’t repair a lost thimble, so a thimble cage is crucial to protect your sterling silver treasure.

How Can I Help?

These cages are made to last. Each cage and product I sell comes with a lifetime guarantee. Simply send your product back for repairs if it is damaged. I also provide an easy exchange process, so if at any time you or your heirs want to exchange the product for a different size or style, Jan is happy to accommodate your needs.

I am a maker working for other makers. Jan creates stunning works of art that are beautiful and useful. And if you have a special request, she offers custom designs to make for your business. Browse my inventory today to choose the thimble cage that is right for you.