The Latest Thimbles for 2021

Article published at: Apr 12, 2021 Article author: Jan Larson
The Latest Thimbles for 2021
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We have had a rough 2020.  Resilience has been the halmark of the entrepreneur survivors.

I have had a really refreshing year for design work.  As many of you know it has been my normal schedule to vend at Quilt Shows for 40 weekends (out of 52).  I have met 1000’s of you… and examined your middle fingers.  We have fitted extremes of size and proportion.  I learned over the PAST 10 years… what you needed in terms of shape and size.  I spent 2020 working on those styles/shapes/sizes.  Lots of new ideas and many more adorable designs have emerged… some of which have not been tried on at a show….yet….. !

Because of the resilience of the Quilting World… I am thrilled to work with you.  I love that you and I are ‘makers’.  We have many of the same creative blunders in common.

We lay our essential tools down all over the workroom. (and then cannot find them…!)

We have waayyyy more ideas than time to accomplish them. (Yes, I have a silver stash)

We are filled with joy as we examine brilliant work (done by anyone).  (We come to shows to see other people’s work, not JUST to shop).

Our creative worlds are often chaotic and messy and confusing to our loved ones… But pure joy to those who understand.


Thimbles have been a full time job for me since 2015.  (part time before that). I am delighted that you have found my website, and I would love to walk you through the fitting and using part of thimbles.  In Person is the best way, BUT I’m working pretty hard on the online method as well.

32 New thimbles that I designed and produced this year:

Queen Bee

Dragonfly and Iris

Starry Night Dome

Wild Rose Dome

Blackberry Dome

Thistle Yubinuki Band

Thistle Dome

Flower Basket Quilt Rim


Good Luck Dome

Ocean Waves Dome

Art Quilt

Frannie Quilt

Argyle Dome

Lovely Quilt

Vintage Bicycle

Chicken, Hen and Rooster Thimble

Celtic Tailor Thimble

Butterfly Quilt

Butterfly Quilt with a gem

American Gothic Thimble

Secret Butterfly Custom Thimble

Peacock Thimble

Lily of the Valley Tall Quilt

Frog Prince Thimble

Bunny Rabbit Thimble

G Tailor Thimble

Pailsey Dome Thimble

Betsy Ross Flag Thimble


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