Must Have Sewing Tools For Beginners

Article published at: Dec 2, 2022 Article author: Jan Larson
Must Have Sewing Tools For Beginners
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You have started out on your sewing journey. You already have a needle and a thread. Now it’s time to explore this hobby further–but wait. You realize there is more to sewing tools than the very basic needle and thread, and the internet is as confusing as ever. Don’t worry, every new journey feels slightly overwhelming in the beginning. The good news is, you can read this blog to figure out the essential tools you need to find to make your sewing experience more fruitful and enjoyable. Read on!

A Sewing Machine

To begin with, you need to find a sewing machine that is easy to use and suits all your sewing needs. They typically come with sewing machine needles and bobbins. A sewing machine is a great investment, but if you are hesitant to go all in, an ordinary one at home or a borrowed one will do. Just know that a good sewing machine can make your dream project come to life quite easily!

A Tape Measure

A tape measure is an important sewing tool. Sewing tape measures are made of plastic and fiber, so it is best to use a new one, since a stretched tape measure can be more of a hurdle than help. Keep it rolled up and in your sewing kit.

Fabric Scissors

Not only do you need a pair of scissors exclusively dedicated to sewing, you need them to be high-end and sharp. Dull scissors can ruin your entire project! They will cause fraying and damage the fabric, and your cuts need to be precise for achieving the best possible results. Do not pass over investing in a proper pair of scissors.

You may also need a smaller pair of thread cutting scissors. They come in many handy styles.

Iron or Steamer

You need to iron your fabric before making any cuts. Wrinkles in your fabric can hinder the cutting process, and inaccurate cuts can put your project at risk. Perfectly laid seams and stitches can make a major difference in how your finished product comes out.

Pins and Pincushions

Pins are used to attach patterns to the fabric and for temporarily holding the seam together before stitching. Pins are quite essential for sewing straight, and can be kept organized and at hand with a pincushion.


If you are more into hand sewing, thimbles are an essential tool for creative needlework. They keep your fingers protected when pushing the needle through layers of fabric. There are several types of thimbles you can use, and what’s more, they come in the most beautiful designs! Jan makes and sells handcrafted sterling silver thimbles of all kinds: Traditional closed, dome top, modern open nail, and many of the old tailor thimbles and sewing bands. These are often made in intricate designs that are both form and function. They are many and beautiful; collect them all!

Chatelaine Necklace

While we are on the topic of collectibles, don’t miss out on Chatelaine necklaces! These are a modern version of 18th-century Victorian Chatelaines worn at waist and used to store tools for everyday use. Evidently, decent pockets have eluded women across centuries. You can buy a Chatelaine necklace from the Thimbles For You website, and fasten to it anything you need for your traveling sewing project.

Ready to start your sewing journey? Check out our website for handmade Chatelaine necklace and other sewing tools you will need!