Basic Hand Sewing Tips For Beginners

Article published at: Jun 7, 2022 Article author: Jan Larson
Basic Hand Sewing Tips For Beginners
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Knowing a few simple hand sewing techniques can prove to be a valuable life skill. It doesn’t just allow you to make small repairs (think buttons that come off, tiny tears, hem repairs and so on) but also helps you undertake simple sewing projects (like simple baby clothes or gifts). While some might say that using a sewing machine is easier and more convenient, there is something about the charm of sewing with your hand. Also, something made on a sewing machine may still need hand sewing, such as for buttons., collars or other finishing touches. Hand sewing helps you get more control over the stitches, which is what gives you the results you want.

If you have never sewn by hand before, something as rudimentary as threading the needle might seem like an overwhelming task. And to be fair, threading the needle is something that can stress even the most experienced seamstresses. Many grandmother quilters have younger ‘friends’ thread a bunch of needles when they come for a visit. Here are a few tips that can make the whole process a little less frustrating and a lot more enjoyable.

If you are a beginner how is excited about your first projects; here are a few tips to help you get organized and successful in hand sewing:

  • Start by finding the right tools

    When you are just starting out with hand sewing, there are a few essentials you need. Obviously: the thread and needle that matches the project (wherever you get these, use the expert advise that comes with the brand). Most beginners start with a sewing kit that includes: a thimble that fits, small scissors (for thread cutting), tape measure, needle threaders, seam rippers, and a pin cushion (to store your pins and needles). Although hand sewing can seem expensive and intimidating at first, ask any expert and they will tell you that with the right tools, you can easily learn and hone your skills.

  • Get a pin cushion

    A pin cushion is a small firmly stuffed cushion that makes storing and organizing sewing pins or needles easier. Because of their small size, sewing pins or needles are easy to lose. Also, if you do not store them properly, you risk of pricking yourself. You can stick the pins and needles into it. Their protruding heads will allow you to effortlessly pull them out when you need them. Many pin cushions include a small abrasive ball for removing a burr or a bit of rust from the stainless steel needles.

  • Treat your thread with wax

    Thread can shread while pulling it through long rows of stitches. It can get tangled, too. That can be a hassle because the last thing you would want to do is waste your time untangling tiny threads. Waxing can help avoid theses issues. Running your thread through beeswax or a silicone version (called thread heaven or thread magic) will increase your accuracy and speed. It can make inserting the thread into the fabric (or needle) much easier.

  • Always use a thimble for hand stitching

    Expert seamstresses swear by this little tool. A thimble is a fingertip covering that protects your finger when you push the needle through the fabric. It also allows you more precision and control in your sewing while preventing finger cramps. It is most commonly worn on the middle finger or ring finger. There are various types of thimbles you can choose from, some of which, such as silver thimbles, are collectibles!

  • Keep your sewing corner organized

    When you find your needles and thimbles quickly, it makes the sewing process more stress-free. This is why you should keep your sewing space organized. Apart from a pin cushion, you can also have other tools at hand. Thee things, such as a pegboard, drawer organizers, clear jars, and so on can help keep your notions where you can find them.

  • Practice makes perfect

    When you begin hand sewing, your stitches or patterns might not be perfect from the get-go. But it is nothing regular practice cannot fix. So, if you want to improve your hand sewing skills, take some time out every day and practice a few techniques.

With these tips in hand, you are well on your way to becoming a pro with the needle and thread. For best results, always use good quality sewing supplies that can help you achieve the desired result without inconvenience.

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